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    The theme of the Holocaust still remains existent for Jews all over the world, though a lot of time has passed since that devastation. Nowadays this topic becomes more and more meaningful among Jewish communities, especially for Israel.
    The Holocaust was not only physical manslaughter of 6,5 millions Jews in concentration camps and ghettos. It was also an attempt to erase from the face of Earth all that cultural heritage, by which for thousand years of existence nation of the Book had been enriching mankind. It has found its reflection not only in Jewish art, but also in art of other nations, has mirrored in many religions (including Islamic, Christianity, Buddhism). This side is less than others reflected and systematized in monuments created as warning of possible repeating of devastation.
    In many museums of Holocaust and centers of its study the great number of cine and photo documents, works of literature is assembled. But there is practically not any classified gathering of art works (oil paintings, sculptures, and architectural forms). At the same time in creative works of many artists there is a great amount of art pieces reflecting the theme of Holocaust. According to data of our talks with artists, public representatives, businessmen, there is a great concern to this topic not only in Israel, but also in the countries of tribe.
    We have some ideas of creating the classified gathering of works of art, first of all of art gallery in the Internet. For example, it is offered to transfer to this gallery series of oil paintings devoted to Jews manslaughter in Kharkov (Drobitsky Yare - 30 thousand people), Kiev (Babiy Yare - 100 thousand people), Tessaloniki (80 people), Warsaw ghetto (about 400 people), city Bershad' (20 thousand people) and others.
    We hope, that such gallery created under aegis of Absorption Control of Beer-Sheva firstly in Internet, and possibly later at social chamber as permanently acting, will interest a great number of tourists, culture workers and businessmen. Hopefully it may become large center of the Jewish culture.

Project execution is entrusted to its authors:

Yakov Rozenblat

Ph. (972)-8-649-44-02

prof. Albert Umansky

Letter of parents of Olga Bilich

Your responses and wishes the request to direct to the address:

Yakov Rozenblat

Ph. (972)-8-649-44-02

If you are interested in this project, we invite you to take part in its execution, in any part or in any form, you will consider proper.
Looking towards future cooperation.


Authors - Yakov Rozenblat and prof. Albert Oumansky
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