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The letter of parents of Olga Bilich

    16th September, 1941        on the Kirill Chernysh's roof

    My dear children!

    For the last time I'm writing for you, my dear. There are no obstacles in the way of our troubles and tortures of the barbarians over our nation. To how many tortures have they subjected our people in this period. The two groups of young men mere recruited. The aged and blind men were taken and shot down. There were four of us alive till the 13th. Daddy was beaten unmercifully and lay four weeks. But the end was worse.
    They say that Velichko gave her up because his children occupied the apartment. But there are people that aren't glad because of our sorrow. These are Kirill Chernysh and his wife. They received me as a sister in spite of my terrible position. They try to rescue my life. They found Daddy and Grandad in the field. I didn't know anything about them, so they didn't either. They also were taken here and now there are three of us on the roof. It's a question whether we'll be saved.
    But, my dear children, if you're alive, you must not forget about this family! In the whole period of this sorrow Hima and Matvey, Rogalskaya Gorpina treated us kindly. Hima is like a sister for me. I can't forget such people and if you're alive, you must not forget about them!
    My dear! I grieved that we didn't see you but now it's good you aren't here!
    Musen'ka, my son! If you're in the army, so better to die in the battle-field than from the hands of these barbarians. I want you to survive (but not to be under the domination of the fascists) and I want you to be a father for you, dear daughter.
    Goldon'ka, my daughter, Musen'ka, my sun, our pride! It's our destiny. We wanted to tear our selves away but this work killed him. He was released on the 5th, when there wasn't any possibility to go out and on the 9th the misfortune enveloped us.
    My dear children! Some of our things are at our neighbors. Maybe somebody of you will have such as possibility to come and may be someone conscientious will give it back. My clothes and many other things, are no where to be found. Every thing was confiscated. Your clothes, my daughter, are at Galya Velichko, the Daddy's suit is at Peter Haravka. At every neibour there is a bit, but only not at Karatzuby and Katya.
    So, my dear, I ask you not to cry for us. You aren't young. It's of a great importance, if you're under the guardian of comr. Stalin, you will be not lonely and happy. But you must be killed at the hands of the barbarians. We aren't alone. We'll hide on the roof till it's possible. The outcome isn't obvious. Finally we decided not to give ourselves up alive, but to commit suicide.
    Revere the Chernysh's family!
    Good bye, children! Behave yourselves as it becomes one. For the last time accept from your devoted Grandad the best wishes and kisses. Granny, poor thing, was crazy only about you.
    Good bye, live and don't grieve.
    Folding in my arms and kissing you your unfortunate Mum.
    My dear, good bye for the last time. If your children are alive, be their parents.
    Good bye. Kissing. Manya.

    Dear kids! Accept the last greeting! I'm kissing and pressing your hands! Your Daddy Bilich.

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prof. Albert Umansky

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E-mail: holocaust2001@narod.ru

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Authors - Yakov Rozenblat and prof. Albert Oumansky
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